A terrible plague

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A terrible plague

John 15:9-25, Ps 32

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”
(Jn 15:13)


In September of the year 1665 a terrible fear gripped the little village of Eyam ( pronounced “Eem” ) in Derbyshire. A parcel of cloth had been sent to the village tailor from London. When George Viccars, that  tailor, opened the parcel he was infected with bubonic plague. Within a short while he was dead and plague spread through the village. The first instinct of everyone in Eyam was to flee the village – but that could be disastrous. It could have been fatal to the people in the neighbouring villages, as it would have spread the plague.

The sacrifice of Eyam

The village church was closed so that the disease would not be spread among worshippers in the enclosed space.  Instead, the congregation…

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