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(A Family Service at the Brecon Presbyterian Church, June 12th. 2011)

Talk (A) – The coming of the Spirit of God

Today is Whit Sunday or the Day of Pentecost.


Now Pentecost means “fifty” in Greek and it’s the name the Greek-speaking Jews gave to  the Jewish feast of weeks, which happens fifty days after the Passover.

Jesus died on the cross at the time of the Passover and came alive on the Sunday. Then over the next forty days he appeared to  his followers. After the forty days were over he returned to his Father in Heaven. This is what we call the Ascension and we celebrate it forty days after Easter Sunday. It always happens on a Thursday. Ten days later we celebrate Pentecost or Whit Sunday.

Just before Jesus went back to heaven he told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the…

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