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( Talks given at a service for all ages at the Brecon Presbyterian Church)

Talk (A)

Have you ever heard someone say, “He’s the salt of the earth”, and wondered what it meant? Usually it means a good and reliable person. Did you realise it comes from the words of Jesus? Yes Jesus told his followers they were the “Salt of the Earth”. What on “earth” did he mean?.

Think about salt – it’s very useful stuff. [Hold up salt pack]. You can put it on the roads to melt ice and it has so many other uses. Here are some of them:

Essential to our health

We have all been told to eat less salt in our food today. That’s because too much salt is bad for you – it sends your blood pressure up. But doctors know that not enough salt is also bad. Low sodium levels can…

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(A Family Service at the Brecon Presbyterian Church, June 12th. 2011)

Talk (A) – The coming of the Spirit of God

Today is Whit Sunday or the Day of Pentecost.


Now Pentecost means “fifty” in Greek and it’s the name the Greek-speaking Jews gave to  the Jewish feast of weeks, which happens fifty days after the Passover.

Jesus died on the cross at the time of the Passover and came alive on the Sunday. Then over the next forty days he appeared to  his followers. After the forty days were over he returned to his Father in Heaven. This is what we call the Ascension and we celebrate it forty days after Easter Sunday. It always happens on a Thursday. Ten days later we celebrate Pentecost or Whit Sunday.

Just before Jesus went back to heaven he told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the…

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Called by name

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Samuel and Eli

Names are funny things –  although perhaps it’s that people are funny about names! Often, when I visit people in hospital I have difficulty finding the patients – they are in hospital under a different name from the one I know them by. You’d be surprised how many people use their middle name in everyday life, but on all official records  are known by their first name. And then some folk like to be called by a name they have chosen for themselves or by a nickname.  I wonder how many of you here are known by a different name than the first name on your birth certificate.

Names are very personal and the closer you are to a person the more free you can be with their name – changing it perhaps to some shortened or diminutive form.

What about our relationship with God then? If…

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Easter Fools


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Do the little things

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Sermon first preached on March 1st. 2009


Today is Saint David’s Day – a great day for all true Welsh men and women. But how many of those who celebrate their Welshness on this day know much about Saint David himself? Actually there is not a lot of historical information on him, but  many legendary stories. It’s hard to separate the fact from the fiction in the life of David.

Saint David,  or Dewi Sant as he is known in Welsh, was renowned as a preacher and teacher in West Wales during the C6th. He and his followers lived a very hard and ascetic life:

The Monastic Rule of David prescribed that monks had to pull the plough themselves without draught animals; to drink only water; to eat only bread with salt and herbs; and to spend the evenings in prayer, reading and…

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Searching for snails

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 Mark 10:17-31, Colossians 3:1-10


An old fable tells about a crane who was wading in a stream looking for snails when a beautiful swan landed nearby. The crane had never seen a swan before, so he asked, “What are you?” “I’m a swan,” came the reply. “And where did you come from?” the crane inquired. “Heaven,” the swan answered. “What is that?” asked the crane. the swan eagerly began to explain its beauty and glory. He spoke of the new Jerusalem, the city of pure gold with a jasper wall and pearly gates. He described its “pure river of water of life, clear as crystal.” At that point the crane interrupted, “Tell me, are there any snails in heaven?” “No, I’m afraid not,” the swan said. “Then I don’t want to go there,” the crane stated decisively. “I like snails!”


Looking for snails?


The Apostle Paul…

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